Monday, July 30, 2012

DIY AR-15 that fires real bullets - 3D printed with $30 worth of plastic

Yesterday a friend and I were talking about the ability to manufacture objects in your own home. He brought up a case where a guy has 3D printed his own AR-15, which fired 2,000 rounds before it finally broke. This technology means the gun isn't registered and the evidence can be destroyed with a match. A 6 year old could create a Sten (Imperia Submachine Gun) with household items. Or any one of us could download a file and with $30 worth of plastic, have a working weapon capable of firing real ammunition.

Ammunition control? That's just as hard, if not harder, considering you can carry a pocket full of plastic bullets (just as deadly) into an airport and board a plane undetected. We have the technology already. The focus should be on creating an overall happier society and figuring out what to do when these things occur, not making legal, registered guns illegal. Criminalizing regular honest civilians should never be the answer to any small percentage of the population that doesn't follow the laws in the first place. Are they now going to limit the sale of plastic?


  1. I realize this is not the point of this article but, I'm not sure plastic bullets would work without a metal casing. The pressure you need to fire a bullet at lethal velocities is quite high. On a side note I really need to get a 3D printer.